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Do you have a home with a concrete retaining wall in Bakersfield? Want to install a concrete retaining wall on your property? No matter your needs, it’s crucial to recognize just how vital a concrete retaining wall is when trying to build a landscape. Without the correct construction, a concrete retaining wall can crumble right before your very eyes, so you want to be sure that you have professionals ready to help you with the solutions you need.

At Driveway Repair Pros of Bakersfield, we work to provide you with the best concrete retaining wall services possible. Whether you need repair or replacement, we work to provide you with a solution that suits your needs. We care about what we do and ensure that your satisfaction is our top priority. Whenever you need a concrete retaining wall service, you can rely on us to be your partners, working through the project quickly and effectively to get the job done right.


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How Much Should I Pay for a Concrete Retaining Wall?


When you begin to budget for your concrete retaining wall, make sure that you are keeping a few particular things in mind. First, know that the cost will always depend on whether you are repairing your concrete retaining wall or if you need to replace it. For repairs, the price will often depend on what damages you have and how severe they are. The more damage you have and the more extensive need for repairs, the more you may need to pay. For instance, multiple cracks can require long hours of labor and more materials, making them more expensive. 

Replacements are done based on a square footage basis. The bigger the area for your retaining wall, the more it will cost you for replacement. Keep in mind, you may also want to have a finish on your concrete retaining wall, so that can increase the prices. Square foot is based on your height and width. Of course, the thickness can play a role, especially if you need a thicker retaining wall for reinforcements. Make sure you speak with a professional about your needs to get a proper estimate. 


How Long Will My Concrete Retaining Wall Last?


Durability should be a significant concern for any part of your property, including your concrete retaining wall. After all, you want to ensure that it is something that will last for many years to come. A strong concrete retaining wall would last about 50 to 100 years. Of course, this depends on the material used, the strength of the footing or foundation, and the quality of the workmanship. Durability and longevity are why it is so vital to ensure you are working with a professional to get the job done right, no matter if you need repairs or replacements.


How Do I Reinforce My Concrete Retaining Wall?


Reinforcing your concrete retaining wall can be done in multiple ways. A strong footing can help, but it’s not always necessary. You can also use specific materials that can help mesh to the ground and allow for a natural setting on the foundation. You want to ensure that you have a professional with you who can ensure the proper materials and quality to create a strong foundation that will get your concrete retaining wall standing for many years. 

For smaller gardens and landscapes, you may not have enough weight behind the retaining wall to require reinforcement. However, the more weight you intend to put behind your retaining wall, the more you should ensure there’s proper reinforcement to protect it. 


What Are Signs I Should Replace My Retaining Wall?


There are several issues that can arise and threaten your concrete retaining wall. Below, we’ll help you understand some of the signs that you can look for that may indicate a potential issue that you need to fix quickly.

  • Large cracks within the concrete: If you notice large cracks forming in your concrete retaining wall, it can be significantly problematic. Cracks can become even bigger issues, and it may leave you with the need for further repairs.
  • Crumbling in the wall: If your wall is crumbling in specific areas, it may mean poor quality construction.
  • Leaning or bowing: Any leaning or bending of your concrete retaining wall can indicate significant weight pushing on the retaining wall, which can cause it to fall completely. 

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